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Adverse Reactions

If you have experienced a severe reaction to a drug or vaccine you should report it to us (if you are our patient) or to your family physician. 

Mild fever,  sore arm and flu like symptoms are common reactions to vaccines that are expected in a small number of people.  They should go away in within 24 to 48 hours.

Often other illnesses can occur within days to weeks of taking a vaccine or drug so you should not assume that it is just a drug or vaccine reaction and will go away. If your symptoms are unusual, severe or do not resolve in 24 to 48 hours you should see your family doctor to rule out other illnesses that need to be treated or to determine if they are a reaction.

If we, or your doctor think you have had an unexpected or serious reaction, or if the drug or vaccine is new, an adverse drug or vaccine reaction form should be filled in.  These can be obtained at the following site.  They should be filled in by a heath care provider.  You can look at them to determine what information will be required to submit a report

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Adverse drug reaction 

vaccine adverse event