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Meantime if you do need travel advice please see the information about online consults below

Vaccine shortages and back in stockYellow Fever shortage (see below) --- how to get information    

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We are giving fractional doses of Yellow fever vaccine at the moment

We give fractional doses  when supply runs low


Rabies vaccine Limited stock

Hep B vaccine limited supply in stock

twinrix limited supply in stock


we will be giving yellow fever vaccine fractional doses one day per week  click here for information

see service charges page for prices

Travel Medicine Centre (Bay/College): 416 340-VACC (8222)

(As of April 1 2015 we moved from 700 Bay street  Bay/Gerrard)  On February 1 2016 we moved to our new office at 790 Bay street suite 426 Bay and College

Clinic Hours

By appointment only  -- Mornings, Afternoons and Evenings available

We will be expanding our online consultations.  In light of the coronavirus outbreak those who do not come in person to a medical office building can arrange an online consultation.  Please use the email link below.  At the time of the arranged consultation. you will need to be on a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam.  an email link will be sent to you and you can click on it to connect via OTN.

No software to download if using a laptop or desktop

if you plan to use an android or apple phone or tablet




We will be starting to do a limited number of Online consultations for those who cannot make it in to the clinic especially they only need antimalarials and prescriptions

This will be done over the Ontario Telemedicine Network, charges will be the same as for regular visit except that any vaccines prescribed and given elsewhere such as a pharmacy may incur injection fees.  if you require this service please  email and we will try to accomodate you. This service is not fully implimented yet but limited consultations are available


Who Are We  ?

On March 26, 1999 the Travel Clinic operated by the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the Toronto General Hospital was closed. At that time the medical and some of the nursing staff moved to Lucliffe, 700 Bay Street, 1 block from the hospital to open the Travel Medicine Centre.  Dr. Philip Scappatura, who runs the Travel Medicine Centre, had worked full time in the travel clinic for 13 years. Dr Scappatura has been doing full time travel medicine for over 30 years, has been a member of the ISTM (International Society of Travel Medicine) since it's founding and received the Certificate in Travel Health from the ISTM when it was first awarded in 2003.  We hope to continue to provide the same excellent service outside the hospital. 

On February 1 2016 we moved to our new office at 790 Bay street suite 426

photo of entrance

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Our Services 

Wherever you are planning to travel, please visit the Travel Medicine Centre before you leave to make sure your required and recommended vaccinations are up to date.  We administer all available vaccines, and provide counseling and prescriptions for malaria prophylaxis, diarrhea, altitude sickness and other problems related to travel. We give advice regarding medical kits, mosquito nets, insect repellents and sunscreens.

For details of services and charges click here.

If you have returned from your trip and are feeling sick, see your family doctor who can treat you or refer you to the Toronto General Hospital Tropical Disease Unit or other specialist if necessary.  If you have returned from an area with malaria and have a fever, seek medical help immediately.  


Contact Information

Travel Medicine Centre (Bay/College): 416 340-VACC (8222)


Clinic Hours

By appointment only  Mornings, Afternoons and Evenings available

For information on what diseases are present in specific countries go to the links page or go to destination risk from CDC

Health Canada Zika information


New Canadian recommendations for typhoid

(Typhoid vaccine only recommended for Asia unless high risk factors)


Dukoral Catmat does not recommend for travellers diarrhea   link




Yellow fever vaccine Shortage again     

June 15- we are almost out of Yellow Fever Vaccine  until the end of June or beginning of July   only fractional doses may be available

When it is in limited availability we can only give Yellow fever vaccine to those going to an area with real yellow fever risk (according to WHO and CDC maps)

For those who want it for direct entry to a country such as Tanzania with no risk, or for a visa travelling from an area without yellow fever such as the highlands of Peru to Bolivia

if you have a contraindication we will give you an exemption certificate stating that contraindication. If not we will give you an exemption certificate saying the risk of the vaccine is greater than the benefit and that there is a vaccine shortage.

Contraindications are egg allergy, pregnancy, drugs and diseases that can suppress your immune system (such as recent cancer treatment , steroid, imuran, leukenia HIV organ transplant etc).

(Yellow fever certificate should only be required if coming from an infected area)

Yellow fever vaccine gives you lifetime immunity and the international health regulations are changing to say you only need on in your lifetime.


We will be giving Yellow fever vaccine fractional doses once a week, morning one week,  afternoon the next.

We will pre book 5 people per half hour (10 in 1 hour) if possible to decrease the price but if there are only 2 people you will be given 1/2 the vial at half the price.

You may have to sit in the clinic for up to 30 minutes to determine how many people come for the vaccine before the dose and price are set.

If it is your first visit you will need a full consultation will the regular $40 charge if you have seen us earlier for this trip and are coming back as a followup there will be no visit fee

  • Fractional yellow fever vaccine price (plus visit fee) depends on how many people share the vial usually can get 4 doses from a vial maybe 5
    2 doses from a vial $75
    3 doses from a vial $50
  • usually we have enough people to only charge $50 per dose